Overlock sewing machine: best sewing machine for beginners

Overlock sewing machine are now gaining worldwide popularity, thanks to their professional finish, with versatile stitches. Additionally, to make the products, even more, comfortable, color coded threading guides are available, with the plan you buy. At present, people are inclining more towards some leading brands like Singer, Brother, and SiRUBA. Specific models are available from these sections that are meant for various professional usages. Long gone are those days when you have to spend thousands of bucks just for the sake of a professional stitching machine. Now a day, you can just have it by paying a minimal amount for these items and get your serging works solved.

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Various types of sewing machines

Depending on the needs of customers, there are a plethora of options available for overlock sewing machine. There are primarily two major divisions, which form the basic package, and those are Sewing and overlock. Additionally, there are extra products available that provide vast differentiation in embroidery selection.  Want to know some of the best features? Listed below, are some best options:

  • An overlock sewing machine offers you with the golden opportunity to provide various forms of stitches at a time. It uses multiple threads that are then over locked to create a unique result.
  • You will receive easy loopers, present underneath the major sewing bed, in place of bobbins. Needles are likely to poke through the fabric, and the loopers pass in front.
  • You will also receive built-in cutters that are technically defined as sergers. These are more or less the same thing, and the cutters are used to reduce the effort and time you input.

Top 7 promising reviews available

Brother 1034D serger

This sewing machine, Brother 1034D is known for its or 4 thread serger, which comes handy with easy lay threads with different types of feeds. This machine features a 3 or 4 lay-in thread system, along with a lower looper threader. The primary stitch options comprise of 4 thread overlock and three-thread overlock, which will narrow hem and with the ribbon locking stitches.  The same product also offers FAST lower loop threading system. It helps in producing easy thread changes.

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With the help of differential feed, the machine easily improves sewing results on thin or stretch fabrics. It helps in offering you with a perfect finish. With the help of snap-on presser feet, you will receive easy and quick changes to transition and enter your required stitching method. The same machine also comprises of an instructional videotape that will help the serging in a fast and easy manner. This product will not conform to any international electrical codes.

Important features to look for:

  • High performing thread serger: The products are reliable with high performing 3 or 4 thread serger. It helps in delivering edge finishing on a wider range of fabrics. It comprises of linens, knits, and some other formal wear. You will be able to create some ruffles, gathers, decorative edges, laces and even spaghetti straps as some of the basic options.
  • Built-in stitching function: This product comprises of 22 built-in stitching functions that are associated with four thread overlocking system. It also comprises of 3 thread overlock and some additional features. These features are rolled hem, narrow ribbon lock stitches, and specialty stitch functionalities for bridal and formal wear. This technique is used for creating heirloom, home décor, crafts and reinforced taping applications.
  • Differential fabric feed: This machine focuses towards differential fabric feed, meant for professional ones. It provides even stitching quality, on knitted, thin and stretchy fabrics.
  • Video instructions: The products are easy to thread and also learn. It comprises of instructional video and other printed manual for an additional support plan. You will receive numbered and completely color coded lower and upper looper threading. You will receive free phone support for this item, and each machine comes with 25 years of limited warranty.
  • Accessories: This machine comes in a wonderful package with two snap on feet, soft cover, foot controller, needles and there are more to be added, in this list. The product uses a standard form of sewing needles. However, you need to have 120 VC AC for running this machine.

This product offers users with adjustable stitch width. Brother 1034D can be well adjusted between the 5mm and 7mm measurement from the left side of the needles. It helps in offering perfect stitch for your chosen project. Moreover, you have the liberty to choose from 4 thread overlock and three thread overlock option. You will receive narrow hem and ribbon lock stitches as some of the extra services.


The machine is extremely fast, with nearly 1300 stitches, on a minute’s scale. It helps in saving some of your hard-earned time and deliver higher quality stitching services. The speed is extremely high, with adjustable on and off knife features and adjustable foot pressure.
Price from $200 – under $300

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SINGER 14CG754 ProFinish

The SINGER 14CG754 ProFinish sewing machine provides users with the finest selection of stitching options. It comprises of 4 built-in rolled hems that help in achieving you with professional results, every time you are planning to use it. You can adjust the width and length of stitches as it comes with differential feed. The machine also provides its customers with color coding lay-in threads. It means, you will receive more freedom and can always land up with easy set-up service. You even have the liberty to save some time with hems, as the seam finish and seams comprise of 2, 3 or 4 thread capacities. For the best overlock sewing machine, this product might solve your problem.

You will receive an optional free arm that helps in stitching cuffs and sleeves, easily. This machine is extremely fast and helps in stitching 1300 stitches on a minute scale. It provides automatic fabric trimming so that you can shift from one project to another, with ease. Additionally, easily rolled hems and flat decorative locking provides you with fashionable sewing.

Some of the best features:

  • Multiple thread options: This product has the capability to deal with 2, 3 or 4 threads, which help in offering you with a variety of stitches.
  • Differential Feed: It provides differential feed, which helps in eliminating puckering and stretching on various types of fabrics.
  • Built-in roller hems: Additionally, you will receive four built-in roller hems, which help in offering hem options now. If you are willing to deal with lightweight fabrics, this sewing machine is extremely important for you to go for.
  • Length and width adjustable stitches: For the betterment of clients, this machine offers adjustable length and width of stitches. It even helps in keeping the seams strong, which in turn, prevents in bunching on any form of fabric.
  • Color coded threading: Color coded threading is extremely important as it helps in setting up a quick and easy task. This is a 110-volt machine, specifically designed for Canadian and US only.

With color coded thread, you can easily start our threading process, which saves time. It even provides clients with 2, 3 or 4 thread capability, where there are loads of stitching varieties. Now, you can remove cloth plate for accessing free arm. It makes easy to sew some areas, which are otherwise difficult to reach, like cuffs, armholes, and some other smaller projects, like children clothing.

The product comes with 25 years of manufacturing warranty, with two years of electronic and electric components. Moreover, you will also receive 90 days of labor and parts. Additionally, this product also offers adjustable tension, which helps in keeping stitches even and balanced. Moreover, with the help of 4 built-in rolled hems, what else can you expect from this sewing machine? With this segment, you will receive more hem options, mainly while dealing with light weight fabrics.

There are some additional features available with SINGER 14CG754 ProFinish. You will be able to receive 1300 stitches on a minute scale, which is a real time saver! The built-in rolled hem makes hemming an effortless task, with various stitching techniques.
Price from $100 – under $200

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The SiRUBA HSO-747D overlock sewing machine is using mainly for a professional finish. It comprises of 2 needle four thread service, with versatile stitches and color coded threading guide. Additionally, you will also receive micro safety switch services. This product is here to offer you with color coded threading chart, differential feed mechanism and with the adjustable pressuring foot. The serge machine is extremely easy to operate, mainly for the beginners and with hassle-free service for the sewing lovers. If you are planning to boost your creativity level, this machine is here to help.

It helps in sewing stitches for some neat and skilled finish. This serger comprises of a safety micro-switch that helps in preventing sewing when the front side of the product is open. The machine helps in offering adjustment chart, as associated with the instruction book. The primary aim of these products is to help you in sewing smoothly, depending on the thickness and stiffness of the fabric. The size and type of thread will vary, along with the needle sizes, too. This product is solely designed for domestic usage, and available only in the US, under 20V or 60Hz.

Get acquainted with the features:

  • Convertible threads: Each machine comprises of 2 needles, along with convertible 3 or 4 threads.
  • Differential feeding: You will receive free arm sewing and with convertible pressure foot. It even helps in providing differential feeding mechanism and light for any brighter working area.
  • Color coded threading chart: The same machine helps in color coded threading chart, which provides the user with easy and fast threading technique.
  • Easy seaming: Get acquainted with differential feed, which prevents wavy seams in some knitted fabrics. The same movement is associated with different fabric layers. The same machine also ensures the users with pucker-free seams, on some of the lightweight fabrics.
  • Machine adjusting chart: You will also receive a machine adjusting chart, which will help you to sew beautifully, depending on the thickness and stiffness of the thread size, fabric, and its type.

Once you purchase SiRUBA HSO-747D, you will receive a screwdriver, tweezers, hexagon wrench key, machine cover, needle set of 4 needles, instruction manual and power cord, etc. On the other hand, you will also receive four spool holders and other suction cups, along with the packing. So, as you are willing to try your hand for this machine, you are likely to receive a complete set of accessories that will be very handy for operation and maintenance.

On the other hand, the same product also comprises of adjustable tension dial, which help in controlling the tightness of threads, for some perfect seams. Moreover, the free arm sewing or the support bed can be easily removed, if needed. It can then be converted to a free arm product. This is extremely convenient for sewing sleeves, pant legs, and cuffs when required.


Lastly, the threading chart forms an integral part of this product. It helps in providing the users with color indicators. Whenever the front cover remains opened, the safety switch is there, and that can prevent any form of any accidental sewing.
Price from $100 – under $200

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Brother DZ1234

Are you planning to invest money in the best overlock sewing machine? Well, for that, Brother DZ1234 is here to offer you with the best service, you might ever need. Planning to shorten any air or jeans or a dress quickly? In case, the answer is yes, this machine is likely to provide you with expert help. This machine is designed to add final touches to cut and some finished garments, in a quick and easy manner. Brother DZ1234 comprises of three and four thread configuration services that will help in utilizing this tool for differential feed. It helps in providing the users with better stitching quality on a variety of fabrics.

You will also receive two sets of starter threads and even a blind hem stitching foot, as some of the additional products. Moreover, you will enjoy the chances of gathering foot and also a piping foot that helps in providing various options to match your professional finishes. For the better understanding of users, this machine comprises of an instructional DVD, as well. It will help you to get through to serging, in no time! Long gone are those days when you have to spend thousands of dollars for a single item when you can get quality service with the help of this machine.

Now for the features:

  • Blind hem stitching: This serger comprises of blind hem stitching foot and with the help of piping and gathering foot. Additionally, the set also comprises of 2 specific sets of starter thread, ready to provide the clients with everything for a customized look. Moreover, you will receive high-end finishes, on any of your specified designs.
  • Fast stitching: Get the quality chance of stitching 1300 stitches on per minute scale. It helps in creating couture level fashions, which are gain faster than ever.
  • Easy color coding: This machine is provided with easy and reliable color coded threading. Therefore, you do not have to struggle any longer to thread the chosen serger.
  • Durable and consistent stitch quality: The differential form of fabric feed provides the client with 0.7 to 2.0 ratios on some of the major fabrics. It can even offer the clients with lightweight knits, with a durable and consistent form of stitch quality, over a period.
  • Easily adjustable width: You can easily adjust the width of stitch between 3.0 mm and 7.0 mm. It helps in offering the clients with perfect stitching width, for their chosen project.

If you want some guidance on the narrow piping and planning to create your using piping cord and fabric strips, there are loads of options available with this machine. The foot is also used for guiding and holding the zippers in their correct places, with a special guide on underside of the foot. Moreover, as you can stitch 1300 stitches on a minute scale, therefore; saving time is a clear option, with this machine. You can even adjust the arms completely and reach some of the areas that are otherwise hard to reach. Get in touch with a fascinating and professional look, by not leaving an inch of your fabric or dress material.
Price from $200 – under $600

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Janome 2212 review for the novice users (sewing machine review)

Over the past few years, Janome 2212 Sewing Machine has created an enormous craze among the sewing experts. It has now been termed as a professional sewing machine, known for its exceptional features, sturdiness and even great value for money. The prices are affordable if compared with any of the other brands. For the novices, this sewing machine can be defined as the best option. The built of this machine, along with the performance level and high end built are some of the noteworthy essential points.

Promising features involved here:

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine
Price: $149.00
Price Disclaimer
This Janome 2212 is stated as an excellent example of a best sewing machine for all, especially some beginners. It has 12 built in stitches, and can be controlled with the help of a dial. Moreover, it has a front loading bobbin and with some free arm options. This machine can easily sew at a high speed of 850 stitches, on a per minute scale. The weight of this machine is just 15 pounds, which make the product extremely light and sewing an affordable option. It comprises of a 4 step buttonhole for making the buttonholes effective.

Some of the pros:

  • The bobbin wind is extremely simple and quite easy to use. Therefore, the beginners will not find any problem in learning more about the simple features. You can quickly switch through the stitches by just turning the dial.
  • The light weight of this machine is enough to help you to move between some important classes. It means you can easily carry the sewing machine always with you, and with ease too. The portability of this machine is suitable for sewing classes and courses.
  • When compared with another sewing machine, this best sewing machine for beginners is quite while operating. It will not make any sound and sewing will not take more long time for its completion.
  • There are several accessories, which are used together with the machine. Some of those options are zipper foot, blind foot, foot control, buttonhole foot, needle set, seam ripper and even bobbin. These accessories are essential for proper functioning of this machine.

Some cons to jot down:

  • Frequent needle breaks are reported by few customers, but this can be eliminated by changing the needles after continuous use of 8 hours.
  • This machine is best suited for beginners, but for the advanced user, this product can turn out to be a little bit lame. It is a basic sewing machine with limited editions only.
  • This machine might not be that light in weight, as you think it to be. For firm holding over the table, this machine might not be a good idea to use.

Concluding points to follow

This Janome 2212 might be a basic product but stated to be the best item for the standard or the best sewing machine for beginners. For some easy to use and convenient feature, these machines can be your best suitable choice now. There might be some general issues, which might crop up while using this sewing machine, but the pros will sure to overshoot the negative factors and hence the cons might not be much of a problem anymore.

Brother Cs6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine

Sewing and crafting are making a comeback, and one of the best ways to get along with the trend is to buy a versatile sewing machine. If you are new to this, one of the most gracious and affordable sewing machines in the market is Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine. This machine is very much great for novice sewer because it is easy to work with and has various features. It comes with the complete set of accessories and can be used on a wide range of projects, like constructing home decor items and quilt works.

General Features

Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine has 60 stitches and one step automatic buttonhole marker in 7 styles so you can customize, construct, and personalize any clothing projects you are designing. It is light in weight and very portable. The LCD screen indicates the function being performed. It has automatic needle threading system. The jamming resistant bobbin makes the work easier; it is very much perfect for working on needlework projects and considered as the best sewing machine for beginners.

Highlighted features of Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine

Types of stitches: The machine has got 60 stitches if you have got decorative stitches, more number of stitches for construction, and other features such as seam stitches, buttonhole stitches, and for embroidery it will be useful.

Electronic speed control: This lets you change the speed easily matching to the fabric texture you are working on your projects.

Bobbin winder: It includes an image printed on top of the machine to show you where to put the thread and wind the bobbin very easily.  The see through bobbin cover let you see the threading correctly.

Start/ Stop button: This helps you to use the machine by not using the foot control. You can start or stop the machine easily.

Easy portable: The machine is easy portable weighing only 6 kg and dimensions of 16″ x 6.7″ x 11.4″. It can be carried easily in any places.

LCD screen for stitch selection: The time-saving feature helps you to pick out the preferable stitch by easy push button touch.

Oversized sewing table: The handy oversized work table offers the necessary comfort to accommodate quilting and other extra large sewing projects.

Impressive 9 presser feet:  It includes zigzag, buttonhole, overcasting, monogramming, zipper, blind stitches, button fitting foots, walking foot and quilting foot that helps to complete your projects quickly.

Forward and reverse sewing: This feature makes the beginner’s double-stitch the designs by not stopping the machine.

More-bright workspace: The machine’s lighting allows a bright working space to assists you when sewing. However, heavily designed materials may require more lightening.

Automatic needle thread: With one touch of the auto threading lever located on the side of the sewing machine, the needle will be threaded and ready for sewing.

Simple and perceptive: Beginners and the experienced persons say that the Brother CS6000I makes the sewing fun and easy. The extension table is very comfortable for doing quilt works, and the other larger projects and comfort parameters put this machine in the category of best sewing machines.

Quiet and strong:  The Brother CS6000I has been available on the market for many years. It has low ratings about the plastic make, but these seem to be in the minority. Most of the users say this is the quite machine, although the noise level rams up when you sews on setting a high speed.

Computerized operation: Users report that computerized operation makes a fewer error and more precise results. If you start a task such as a buttonhole and do the setup parts incorrectly, an error message will appear, saving you from making a mistake that can trash your project. Majority sewing instructors and professional tailors say the CS6000I performs beautifully with a range of simple and complex projects, from clothing and costumes to blankets and crafts and of course with these features ranked as the best sewing machine for beginners.


  • It is easy to operate and lightweight.
  • The price of the machine is low, which is the most important deciding factor.
  • The start and stop button is very convenient to operate.
  • Computerized operations make complex projects within stipulated time
  • The extra wide work table allows you to do oversized projects.
  • Up and down buttons are major time savers.
  • 60 stitches allow you to complete your job within less time.
  • The LCD screen will be greatly useful to the beginners.
  • It is a multipurpose sewing machine
  • This includes a lot of accessories and can be used in wide range of projects.


  • The machine is made up of plastic is one of the major drawbacks.
  • It doesn’t work well with thick fabrics like canvas and leather because these fabrics are to be stitched on heavy machines.
  • This type of machine is not suitable for thick fabrics.

Product ranking and rating as per Amazon

It earns an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. Most of the customer reviews appreciate the combination of affordable price and innumerable features found on the computerized machine. They also say it is easy to learn and use and hence it is recommended for the best sewing machine.

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Final verdict

The brother cs6000i have various options for beginners. It is not suitable for industrial use, but it’s perfect for household tasks and basic sewing requirements. It has 60 stitches that is user-friendly; this is one of the most beneficial machines for crafting and sewing hobbyist. It is lightweight and portable, so you can create projects anywhere. The sewing machine is offered with 25 years limited warranty.  The instruction manual is available in English and Spanish, which is very much convenient to understand the operation mechanism. Even though the machine is made up of plastic, its innumerable feature overcomes the shortcoming.


The Brother CS6000I feature rich sewing machine is the best sewing machine for the newcomers. It has all the features to complete the essential and complicated projects within the stipulated time. It has high marks from the beginners and experienced seamstresses. The combination of low price and loads of features makes it one of the best sewing machines for the value for money. Users describe it as extremely easy to learn with computerization. In comparison to other machines in this price range, it can’t be beaten by any other model. If you want flexible sewing options and a low price, then this model adds better on your list.

SINGER 9960 quantum stylist

When you are talking about SINGER, you are talking about a renowned brand. It has been serving the sewing fraternity since 1855, thanks to its wonderful created sewing machines. Over the course of time, modern technology came into the field of the sewing machine and nowadays, people are mainly looking forward to the latest addition in SINGER’s kitty. The most recent addition is termed as SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine, a marvelous piece known for its spectacular performances. This machine comes handy with some nice features that will make others fall short in front of this item. This is a rare combination of some of the best sewing machines you have ever come across.

Features for you to know

SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine with Extension Table, Bonus Accessories and Hard Cover[/easyazon_link]SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist sewing machine is mainly known for its computerized features, along with a stylish backlit LCD screen.  For better and cool lighting the working area is supported with LED lights. There is also an extension table, which is very much useful for managing some of the bigger jobs such as quilting, etc.

In SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist sewing machine, you will come across 600 built in stitches and with 13 one-step buttonholes. The one touch auto service is perfect for trimming both the lower and upper threads. You will receive electrical autopilot, for offering you with great comfort and easy sewing services. You can control the machine automatically without using the foot pedal that is an ideal feature only you can find with a best sewing machine.

Pros for you to get associated with

  • This sewing machine is suitable for stitching multiple layers of fabric, making it the best sewing machine of its class. You just need to select the right needle and match it with the fabric of your use. You will get to see a mess free work.
  • The deal is excellent with various accessories, like needles, bobbins, dust cover, spool pin, spool caps, extension table, quilting bar, screwdrivers and even foot controller.
  • There are nearly 600 built it stitches, which are mostly offered by the manufacturers. There are some other relevant features for you to come across, and those are LED lights for illuminating sewing area, LCD backlit screen and even auto bobbin. You might even come across auto reverse, 25 needle position and autopilot, as some of the other points of focus too, with the need of foot controller.

Cons to jot down

  • For handling larger items, extension table might be there, but that might not always live up your standards. Users always have an issue in fixing the table correctly.
  • The bobbin case is of low quality, and there are few customers, who even complain to get it replaced within few months.

Concluding point to jot down

The SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch machine has some cons with it, but when compared with the pros, you can always opt for this product. It is defined as the best sewing machine for beginners, and even some standard users can even take help of this product. Nearly 90% of the customers have positive reviews regarding this item and would love to use this sewing machine for their usages. It can be your long term swing partner.

Buying guide to choosing the best serger sewing machine

Do you currently use any serger machine? If not, then it is high time that you add one in your kitty. This kind of sewing machine is not just helpful, but now gaining way more popularity than before. If you define it properly, a serger is mainly termed as specialty machine used for sewing functionalities and can also be used to overcast, sew over or even enclose the raw sides of the fabric.

It helps in prevention of fraying and offer professional finishes to the edges. This same serger is used for trimming off the excessive form of seam allowances, and all this is one single step! People, who are in love of sewing garments, will understand the importance of this machine. It might be small, yet quite powerful.

The serger machines are quite a handy tool, and they are fast and smooth.  You can have continuous stitching on a serger sewing machine. These products help in stretching to seams, making the services quite durable. As the raw edges are closed, the finished results form a professional look, without any form of fraying. From rolling hems to the addition of elastics, and creating some other decorative stitches, this machine is best.

Are you planning to buy the best overlock sewing machine for the first time? Well, go through the buying guide now and get instant help, while choosing the best serger machine, among so many variant options:

Step 1:

At first, consider the reasons for why you need the sewing machine. Always remember that depending on your needs, you might have to choose different makes and models. Whether you are willing to make crafts or sew some draperies, the models will vary, along with the machine name and brand. For example, a machine used for alteration or mending will vary from the one, used for quilting or embroidery.

Step 2:

You have to be honest with yourself. Depending on the amount of time you are willing to spend, you have to choose the sewing machine. Most of the serger based sewing machines are fast and known for stitching 1300 stitches per minute. Therefore, you can always give them a try, when the time is a matter of concern in your life.

Step 3:

You better start comparing between various machines, before planning to bang on a single item. The types and quality of these sewing machines will vary from basic machines to some occasional ones. You can either opt for occasional mending or can plan to invest money in high-end machines. The latter product is meant for sewing multiple layers, at a time.

Step 4:

For the primary step, you need to stop online and start collecting a fair idea for the available prices. If you plan to buy items from retail outlets, then there are high chances that you will be forced to invest money for such an item, which will be expensive and not fulfilling your requirements.

Step 5:

Get a quick idea of what type of product you will get within your stipulated time frame. The cheaper ones are disposable machines that come with plastic cams and are quite hard to replace. You can even opt for the average machines that are well for an occasional seamstress. However, these machines might not hold for a longer time, in the case; you are using it more than just occasionally. Some other sewing machines are available to last for a long span, as these are manufactured using premium quality raw materials and are engineered way better than the rest.

Step 6:

You need to narrow down your search to two to three machines only. You can even log online and start looking for a demonstration of each of these machines. For that, you might have to look for the machines that are manufactured by some renowned brands only, such as Brother, SiRUBA, Singer and more.

Step 7:

After short listing the machine, you have to start working on the budget now. Look for the machines that are working on the set budget friendly amount. You might even have to decide on some adjustments or compromises that you need to make a match. Sometimes, reputed online firms offer a discount on these sewing machines. Therefore, you can easily look for the discounts or deals that will help you to grab the best machine deal and within the stipulated time frame.

Step 8:

Start comparing your budget and with the selected machine price. If any adjustments are to be made, then it might take some extra time. You can ask for professional help too, if you cannot make out on the sewing machine, you will lay your hands on. It is better to do your homework beforehand so that it becomes easier for you to choose the best machine.

Step 9:

Online stores, like Amazon or eBay, helps in offering some fantastic deals on these overlock sewing machines. There are various makes and models available, and you can choose the one, matching your requirements. This is here, where a little bit of homework will go a long way.

Step 10:

Look for the machines that have instructional manual associated with it. Retail outlets might ask for a hefty amount, just for the sake of the instructional manual. On the other hand, if you are looking for the same items from the online store, it means, you do not have to spend a single dollar extra for the instruction. These stores have instructional video DVD and manual, free with the package.

Step 11:

After you are completely satisfied with the features and specifications, place your order confidently.  Selection of serging machine and narrow down the best machine will always be a tedious job.  Once this part is over, and there is no point to look back.  Most of the online stores are offering free shipping and door delivery.

Step 12:

After receiving the machine, spare some time to read the owner’s manual to get some basis idea about the stitching and operational techniques.  Do so some trial stitching and serging before you actually start working on real time basis. After that, you can easily look for the best stitching or serging plan that can satisfy your requirements. Creating a finest collection of embroidery work and serging works an easy job!

Now for the concluding point

These overlock sewing machine from Brother, Singer or SiRUBA are just impeccable. Their amazing features and fascinating reviews are enough to win over millions of hearts. To make the service extremely useful, each machine comprises of a box with additional accessories. You will receive multipurpose guide foot and gathering foot as two of the additional items, related to the same package. Moreover, this accessory bag also comprises of needle set, tweezers, spool nets, hex wrench, cleaning brush and trim trap. So much of accessories in one go and you won’t have to run for any accessories on a later stage.

Brother, Singer or SiRUBA are reputed brands and known for their innovative product lines and leading sewing embroidery and serger machine suppliers in the market. These companies are recognized as producing the state of the art and premium quality machines, and accessories. Therefore, availing sewing machines with overlock and flexible serge from these companies mean you are likely to save a lot of money.

These machines are easy to operate! Reading through the manuals,  will empower even a beginner to manage the stitching operations easily. After a few trials stitching job, a beginner can easily master the embroidering and serging art. The interfaces of these machines are so simple that you do not have to spend time working on another class.

Start working on the sewing machine after checking out the instructional DVD, manual, and overlock sewing machine reviews. The instruction DVD, manual, and reviews are enough to guide for overlocking and sewing service to a professional level. These “how to” videos are best for learners, and you will pick up same knowledge from these books. Watch these instructional videos and get accustomed to the various features and be a professional in the field.  All the overlocking sewing machines referred in the articles are standing true with the specification and performance offered by the respective brands.


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